Automatic Video Production

Screencasts and Presentations

Create and share more engaging video to a bigger audience. No editing required. #neveredit

“Looks exactly like what I would do for a presentation.”

– Sean Frame

Frame x Frame Production




Create your best screencasts without any manual editing. Use the desktop app to record the screen and the mobile app to capture higher quality video of yourself. Intercut merges these videos together in a dynamic way to engage viewers. Don’t settle for webcam picture-in-picture!


Don’t waste time manually inserting slides into video of your presentation. Instead, let Intercut’s A.I. do it for you. It analyzes both videos to determine natural transition points and even uses face tracking to like a professional camera operator would do. Share on Youtube to build your personal brand.


Great audio is key to great video. Intercut uses the best available audio source (form desktop or mobile) for the finished video. It also performs noise reduction and voice amplification to improve the sound. Connect an external microphone to either device to improve the overall quality.

Artificial Intelligence

A.I. driven video production replaces traditional video editing to create a natural and engaging video. While it can’t perform every video treatment (yet), you’ll get a much better video with much less effort than before.

Main Video

Without any editing, you get a professional looking video. You don't have to spend extra time or money to create a video worth watching. Now just export and share!


It's hard to convince people to watch long videos. That's why Intercut generates two short format videos, a Clip and Trailer, to help you promote the video you just made!


Created with Intercut

Intercut naturally transitions between views: slides, presenter, and side by side. It uses a wide range of indicators from both video sources and audio tracks to merge the videos together, just like a professional would do. No editing required - it's automatic.

A.I. Driven Video Production

We believe that everyone deserves to create great video without needing to be an expert video editor. To do that, we are starting with screencasts and presentations where our technology can accurately determine the most engaging way to present the content to the viewer. It’s impressive how accurate and fast it is so early in our journey, try for yourself! This is just the beginning. #intercut #neveredit

Step 1.

Desktop app

Download for Mac or Windows to record the slides.

Step 2.

Mobile app

Download for iOS or Android to record the presenter.

Step 3.

Get Started

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